About Us

Our company has 25 years of experience in the market and is 100% MEXICAN owned and administrated.

Since 1982 we have had a strong product on the market with our own brand called "Cimarron Jeans" that is licensed from Spain.

Cimarron is independent on all its production phases having competitive advantages because our manufacturing capabilities are totally integrated and lineal. The production plant has design, cut and sew, laundry, ironing and warehouse of finished garments.

Our production capacity is of 260,000 units per month, with a working force of 350 employees. Our skilled workforce has an average salary of 120% above minimum wage and our personnel have junior high studies, likewise we have an administrative staff of 30 executives.

Brands we work with:

  • Cimarron
  • Polo Club
  • Beep
  • That it


  • Basic Image
  • Simply Basic
  • Samba
  • Bruno Corza


  • Magnum
  • Meir Jeans
  • New Wave
  • Among others


Competitive advantages of our company:

Our fully integrated supply chain gives us a fast response in production, quality control and delivery.

We have the capability to deliver weekly orders for about 40 products by size, color, and model to 900 different stores around Mexico.

Our resource and development departments have the ability to elaborate new garments and samples on a 2 week response.

We are totally committed on quality products that´s why we enforce a high quality control in each production stage.


The export department has grown 16% average annual due to our products and excellent service.

This division began 15 years ago, assembly for different brands, primarily the American market, began to deliver complete packages since 1995 in Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina and the USA.



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